19 sept 19

I was just absorbed reading this c&en article about Jesse Gelsinger, this guy who died from a gene therapy trial. So crazy. And c&en apparently limits you to reading 3 articles unless you subscribe wtf.

Hmm, I haven't updated this blog in a while. I was just really inspired after reading Bev's wordpress today. I didn't even know she had one until now. She writes about a lot of various topics which is really interesting. I've always wanted to post some personal content publicly (not like this, which is completely private) either on a blog or a video channel. However, I'm not too sure what content I would create. Something to think about, though. If I had any free time, which I actually would if I managed my time better.

Speaking of managing time, I watched a Youtube video today about this guy who stayed off social media for a year and how it changed his life. I think that would be good for me, too. I wouldn't necessarily avoid using it completely, but I think it would be good for me to control my usage so I'm not spending so much time browsing. I think it would also make me happier and more productive.

This morning, I ended up watching Coldplay's performance of Fix You at the One Love Manchester concert again. I can't help but feel moved by it every time. It makes me really miss Coldplay and wishing they would release new music.

next courses of action:

- send Mommy 'senza di te' song

- brainstorm content ideas

- reschedule call with Bev & Sarah

- order gifts for Sarah and Tiff

- add coldplay songs to google play music

12 sept 19

It turned that Vivienne's sinking feelings were right. Her PI told her that she couldn't continue mentoring her. Now, Vivienne is deciding between finding a new lab or mastering out. I wish I could do more for her. We had dinner at Meat Your Seoul with Drew and then had drinks at Broxton with Scarlett and Shilin. It is still awkward with Drew and Shilin. I hope they will make up soon.

next courses of action:

- wish Scarlett a safe flight

- reschedule call with Bev & Sarah

- order gifts for Sarah and Tiff

11 sept 19

I had dinner today at Northern #2 with Vivienne and Shilin. Vivienne is having mixed feelings about her PI. I hope things get better because she really deserves the best. We also had boba at It's Boba Time since we didn't have enough time for Wushiland. I randomly got hit with a tennis ball while we were sitting outside :(.

next courses of action:

- ask Dan about grad student support

- remind Vivienne about Princess Mononoke tickets

- listen to day6 X

- record more songs

10 sept 19

Shilin came back to LA today (he went to China for his visa), so Vivienne, Scarlett, Joonbaek, and I celebrated his birthday after lab. He's 24 now. Even though all of my friends here are older than me, I never really feel like I'm younger than them. We had all-you-can-eat korean bbq for dinner. Shilin paid for the drink tower even though the celebration was for him >:(. We also did karaoke after at the cool Korean karaoke place. It's so relaxing to hang out w the chemEs. Too bad we didn't take any pics. Planning to hang out w them again soon for Shilin's bday part 2.

next courses of action:

- make appt w burn surgeon X

- pick up rest of topical cream X

- pay back Vivienne for bday festivities X

- plan mooncake hangout w chemEs

- practice singing louder

- message chemEs more

09 sept 19

Once again, I have finished TAing a chemistry class at UCLA. Amber/Prof. Reilly let me use her debit card to buy lunch which was really nice. I hope I can TA for her again in the future.

Gonna get boba with Giancarlo on Thurs even though Drew bought me Wushiland today. yikes.

next courses of action:

- clear all TAing emails from inbox X

- make a boba limit

- expense tracker

- look up iron-rich foods

- start nsf!!!

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